Home Care Providers

Elert Me is a Simple, Low Cost Check-in and Notification Service supporting Home Care Providers, Care-Givers and their Clients.

Reactive Monitoring for Clients / Dependents

As a Home Care Provider you are already committed to improving the quality of life for Clients' in your care with home visits, helping them lead independent and happy lives.

Elert Me helps by notifying you if your client has become unresponsive between visits, helping you react quickly, avoid incidents or worse.

Our simple technology solution is ideal when home visits are twice a day or less frequent, helping you reactively monitor your Client when Care Givers are not there. This can support a social-distancing agenda if one is in place.

How It Works

Elert Me supports your Home Care Service with a simple messaging solution that notifies you if your Client fails to check-in within a time window you define as their Care Provider.

Your Client receives messages on days/times you schedule.

Your Client acknowledges safety by pressing OK

Failure to acknowledge in a time set by you (e.g. 3 hours)

Elert Triggered: You and your Alert Group are notified, so you can act, FAST.

Using our App or SMS, Clients receive Elert Messages that require a response. Failure to respond within the time-window (e.g. 3 hours) triggers an Elert notification to you and your chosen staff.

Elert notifications are only sent to you if your Client fails to press OK in the App or SMS. If they respond to Elert messages, no further action is taken.

Why Partner with Us?

Elert Me is a Simple, Low Cost Check-in and Notification Service supporting Home Care Providers, Care-Givers and their Clients.

Absent Presence

Elert Me helps keep tabs on your Client enusring they are well and responsive between home visits.

Group Elerts

Alert up to 4 Care-Givers simultaneously for a faster, assured team response.

Flexible Time-To-Response

Easily configure how long a client has to respond to Elert Messages. All Clients are different. So it's flexible.

Easy App Buttons

1-click for Clients to respond. 'I'm OK', or 'I need help' - Simple.

Prioritise & Grow

Allocate staff resources more efficiently across your Clients, helping you expand your reach and do more.

Proven Technology

It works. We use simple, tried and tested technology for the avoidance of failure.


increase effectiveness by learning from client engagement behaviour.

White-Label Solution

Offer Elert Me as your own solution, branded with your corporate logos and colours.

Very Low Cost

No Setup Costs, and low client/month pricing. A simple solution supporting Home Care Providers.

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